"I Purposely Go Wrong": The Life and Death of J. L. Bowman, Beau Hackett and Hans Patrick Le Conner

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Jacob L. Bowman is voiced by Tanier Dutton

Tanier Dutton knew he was destined for greatness when his father confessed to having named him after a bartender on Days of Our Lives. Tanier is now a Birmingham based actor with a BA in English and Theater from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has appeared in several theater productions, including Sandy Tyrell in Hay Fever, Algernon Moncrieff in The Importance of Being Earnest, Theseus in A Midsummer Night's Dream and others. He is also a castmate of the murder-mystery dinner theater show The Dinner Detective. Outside of performing, Tanier has worked as a dramaturg, carpenter, and writer. He has had one poem published and one play performed.


"Revolution" by xavierduch

"The Last Soldier" by ryokosan

"Absolution" by My10dlBu

"Honorable Salute" by Sage Oursler

"March Militaire" by Thommy Anderson

"Ensam" by Sandra Marteleaur

Hook and Line performed by Elijah Bedel. This tune is an East Kentucky dance classic -- not far from the area Jacob Bowman was born. It may be one of the oldest banjo tunes in existence, stretching all the way back to the banjo's African roots.

Episode Transcripts

Season 01, Episode 01: Full text of "I Purposely Go Wrong": The Life and Death of J. L. Bowman, Beau Hackett and Hans Patrick Le Conner

S01E01 Jacob Bowman Transcript
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Footnotes: Full text of Beau Hackett's "A Thanksgiving Frolic - Beau Hackett Joins a Radical Circus"

A Thanksgiving Frolic - Beau Hackett Joi
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Footnotes: Full text of Hans Patrick Le Conner's "Everyday Philosophy"

Every Day Philosophy
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Full Text of Jacob Bowman's "You and Me; Or Sketches for Both of Us"

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