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Although he has always refused to take a teaching job at the University, Aaron has always found steady employment with his long-time mentor Professor Magnus Croworth. However, the old Professor has detected a dark awakening across the world and wants more data to use in his research. Soon after, Aaron is sent to investigate bizarre incidents all over the world and uncover an impossible conspiracy.

As if it were not enough to worry about forgotten gods, dark rituals, and terrifying monsters, Aaron also has to contend with modern issues. He'll have to navigate a world where scientists create new technologies that can't be controlled, learn to deal with a sentient AI that lives in his phone, and work alongside his ex-girlfriends. As Aaron struggles to hold on to his sanity, he'll need your help to find the truth.

Aaron Armstead is a professional student that has been studying at MARUTECH UNIVERSITY
for more than a

Cast and crew listed in alphabetical order. 


​I'm still pretty new to the voice over scene. Though I've been in a few "for fun" projects and used to run a weekly radio show at university, of which, luckily no evidence remains. I have a Bachelor's degree in games design, and when I'm not doing that, or in front of the mic I'm an IT skills tutor working in my local community. Dead Earth is my biggest role so far, and I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into it (pun intended).


Alyssa Mills | Andrea O'Hare

I'm currently a 20 year old music business student in Nashville, TN, though I'm originally from PA/NJ. I've been doing theater since I was 10, and I've done everything from straight plays to musicals to films. I've also been singing and writing music since I was a child, and I dance in my free time. The performing arts have always been my passion, so you can always find me either singing, dancing, acting, or writing. If for some reason I'm not doing one of the above, I'm napping on the beach or travelling.

Email: | Skype: terradoll13

Greetings! I'm a 20 year old voice actor from California. I'm currently still in college and I am taking as many acting classes as possible to strengthen my craft. I have always loved to voice act since I was young and I don't intend to stop anytime soon, I'm constantly taking on as many projects as I can. I also have a very unhealthy addiction to Dungeons and Dragons and oatmeal raisin cookies.


A Story Stallion (trademark Katie Healy) hailing from parts unknown, Blake Cole is a mystery born into the loving arms of an enigma who, at a young age, was stored inside a box marked only with a single question mark and placed on a shelf too high for mortal men and women to reach.  He is a lover of life, real football and fake-football, and has the sometimes charming habit of breaking a rule just because it's there.


Hi, I'm a 19-year old Multimedia Artist from the Philippines. I'm currently finishing up my studies for a degree in AB COMM - Multimedia Arts.  I specialize in color combinations, rough sketches, and shading.I do traditional art, digital art, photography, painting, 2D and 3D animation, 3D modeling, typography, video editing, journalism, creative writing and voice acting.

Email: | Facebook: Danielle Therese Padua Abrenica | Discord: SkyandKai#7074

​Jacob Murphree is a 24-year-old Musician/Actor and Service Member of the United States Navy. Hailing from Eufaula, Alabama; he has performed in many Theater and Music clubs throughout his High School And College career. To include are Show choirs, School operated and Community theater productions ("Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream-coat", "You cant take it with you") and an assortment of various online voice acting roles. With a deep-rooted love for all things acting, and a boyish cartoon-like charm; "murphreejacob" will continue to pursue every chance he gets to find himself voicing your childhood.  

Email: | Skype: murphreejacob | Facebook: Jacob R Murphree

Hi there! My name is Jonah Michael Stuart. I’m 21 and I’ve always had a fascination with the arts. I’ve been acting in local theater groups since I was 8 years old and I absolutely love it. I’m new to the voice acting scene but I’ve always had an admiration for the craft. I’m incredibly excited to give all of this a try and look forward to seeing where all this leads me.


​A woman of few words who wears many hats (I realize I should use this opportunity to be more creative and clever, if not more profuse, however someone once said brevity is the soul of wit, which I suppose makes every message on Twitter comedic genius).

Email: | Discord: Juliann Van Wormer#8384

Hi, I'm Kevin Lannan. I've been writing since I was 16 years old, when I started work on my first novel. I finished that novel when I was 17 and spent another year editing it. When I was a Freshman in University, I was introduced to an online writing website and I've never stopped writing on it since. Read more


Maguire Dennison | Intro Music

Bios are the worst. I prefer to let my talent speak for itself!


Marcus Reeves | Rulers / Whispers

I'm a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Cherry Hill, NJ, and I'm all about creating compelling characters, whether I'm filming a video, recording lines, writing stories or playing D&D. I aspire to one day produce my own cartoon.


Matt Fields | Agent Smith & Rulers / Whispers

Hello there, I’m Matt Fields, a mid-40’s guy living in the Midwestern United States. I have been DJing online for the past several years and have recently ventured out into the voice acting scene. In my younger days, I had fun acting on stage and even enjoyed a couple years as a DJ on my university’s radio station. Since then I’ve focused on my career in Information Technology, currently managing several teams of IT professionals. I’ve missed performing and voice acting is a great opportunity to once again experience something I’ve always enjoyed.


Nick Puleo | Wendigo

Howdy! My name is Nick Puleo, a level 26 bard from Southern California. I’m just a nerdy guy that likes to make silly voices and write and direct scripts. I am a film school grad with an obsession for good science fiction and fantasy TV shows.

Email: | Discord: nickthulhu#5671

​Hey there, my name's Noëlle McHenry. I'm an independent author born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but I do voice acting on the side. When I was little, I was certain that acting would be my passion. It still is, but now I prefer to write content so I can give other aspiring voice actors roles. I've been doing voice work for free since early 2015, and have since been in an array of projects, including an abridged series, a few visual novels, and comic dubs.

Email: | Discord: Noëlle McHenry#8310

R.H. Maldanado | Agent Doe

Rex H. Maldonado is an 21 year old voice actor and creative based out of Houston, TX. He has been performing professionally for around 14 years, and has no intent on stopping. Outside of voiceover, he does photography with his own brand (Rex Oculus Photography), writing, and the running of multiple tabletop RPGs.

Twitter: @rex.oculus | Discord: princeharlequin#6956

Hi, I'm Sim Meavorn, an English voice actor and animator based in Glasgow, Scotland. I am blessed with a versatile speaking voice, with a wide range of vocal pitches, accents and styles which can be moulded into almost any character, or lend gravitas to narration. I am co-founder, lead animator and 3D modeller at Sedis9 Studios. In my spare time I am a 6ft tall, computer game playing sailor with Rapunzel hair. (OK... I look like that all the time!)

Email: | Discord: Sim Meavorn#2332

Steve Bailey | Narrator

I am a Professional  Voice Over talent with a deep bass voice.  My voice can best be described as "smooth", laid back. I am Credible, Believable, Soft Sell, The Guy Next Door,  I'm not really suited for the high pitched screamer type narration or commercials, more of a modified " Sam Elliot."

Phone: (608) 234-0325 | Email:

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Graham Plowman is a composer for film, games, audiobooks and more. He also composes orchestral/choir/ambient music inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. His work has been performed by the Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra, the Washington Symphony Orchestra, and has also featured in films, games, trailers, and audiobooks.



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Paul Warren and Taylor Fehr, for your patience, professionalism, support and insane breadth of talent;  Tracy, Austin and Hunter for your constant support and for putting up with three years of willful insanity and ceaseless BS. We love you!