Kevin Michael Lannan Featured Writer

There’s an abnormality in Katie’s DNA, known as albinism, that mades her light sensitive, legally blind, and pale as a poltergeist. Which is handy for anyone wandering into a haunted house. Just put the ghost in front to haunt the haunters: You’re welcome scardy-cats!

Don’t worry, the rest of her is equally eccentric, which is how she’s able to create interesting works of fiction.

She didn’t get started like most authors. In her early years she was three or four grades behind in reading, and didn’t care about the books put in front of her until her older brother read Redwall by Brian Jacques for her. 


Ugly Blue Hat is a for-fun, highly unprofitable organization/experiment that strives to bring together artists from different disciplines in order to create new and unique productions. We cherish telling stories, we marvel at listening to them, we delight in collaborating on them, and we thrill at discovering artistic talent adventurous enough to plunder new mediums. 

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