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When the global pandemic known as The Fall began, the infrastructure of civilization collapsed.  Within a matter of hours, millions were dead and billions more were dying.  Hospitals filled to capacity, transforming from places of healing to houses of death.  Some rare individuals were immune, while others responded to antibiotic treatments.  However, demand far outpaced supply, with treatment only delaying death for most.  Had the plague ended with The Fall, humanity might have recovered, but this was just the beginning.  What followed was The Rise; a horror that would devour the living and consume the Earth.

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a zombie survival story that is one part audiobook, one part audio drama and all sorts of flesh-eating fun.


Vance and MJ are on the hunt for food under the watchful eye of Lewis, while strange zombies known as Bleeders roam the forest. 

Episode 1: Mary Jane, 21 Days After The Rising, Part 1

Vance, MJ and Lewis fight their way to the watchtower only to discover someone is living there.

Episode 2: Mary Jane, 21 Days After The Rising, Part 2

Vance, MJ and Lewis make contact with Cherokee Cliff. A young boy named Billy could be trapped nearby. 

Episode 3: Mary Jane, 21 Days After The Rising, Part 3

Vance and MJ make their way to the cabins and discover an ominous warning. 

Episode 4: Mary Jane, 22 Days After The Rising, Part 1

Vance and MJ meet Hawkins, Max and Billy. Skinners stalk the campgrounds. Hawkins uncovers a secret. 

Episode 5: Mary Jane, 22 Days after the Rising, Part 2

In the series finale, Wyatt struggles with hard choices, Hawkins makes the ultimate sacrifice. MJ makes an awkward revelation, altering the future of the Atlanta Survivors forever. 

Episode 6: Wyatt, 22 Days after the Rising, Series Finale



Cast and crew listed in alphabetical order. For information about music in specific episodes, please see the episode descriptions. 

I'm still pretty new to the voice over scene. Though I've been in a few "for fun" projects and used to run a weekly radio show at university, of which, luckily no evidence remains. I have a Bachelor's degree in games design, and when I'm not doing that, or in front of the mic I'm an IT skills tutor working in my local community. Dead Earth is my biggest role so far, and I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into it (pun intended).


The daughter of a moderately adequate writer hailing from parts unknown.


A Story Stallion (trademark Katie Healy) hailing from parts unknown, Blake Cole is a mystery born into the loving arms of an enigma who, at a young age, was stored inside a box marked only with a single question mark and placed on a shelf too high for mortal men and women to reach.  He is a lover of life, real football and fake-football, and has the sometimes charming habit of breaking a rule just because it's there.


The son of a moderately adequate writer hailing from parts unknown.


Jacob Murphree is a 24-year-old Musician/Actor and Service Member of the United States Navy. Hailing from Eufaula, Alabama; he has performed in many Theater and Music clubs throughout his High School And College career. To include are Show choirs, School operated and Community theater productions ("Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream-coat", "You cant take it with you") and an assortment of various online voice acting roles. With a deep-rooted love for all things acting, and a boyish cartoon-like charm; "murphreejacob" will continue to pursue every chance he gets to find himself voicing your childhood.  

Email: | Skype: murphreejacob | Facebook: Jacob R Murphree

Jonah is a professional actor based in Nashville, TN with a BFA in Acting and Directing from Lipscomb University. He is a co-creator/co-star/web and media manager of The Quest Company podcast, and works regularly as an actor and teaching artist with the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. Although he is fairly new to the realm of voice acting, he is always happy to find more ways to incorporate his experience with classical theatre, improv, and dialect work into new and exciting projects!


​A Plot Princess (trademark Blake Cole) hailing from Upstate New York, currently residing in Chattanooga, TN via Phoenix, AZ, Juliann Van Wormer could not get Blake Cole to write her biography for her, and so she is lovingly parodying his.  She is less mystery and enigma and more "cry at Country Time commercials," and by that right, probably should be stored inside a box marked with a question mark and placed on a shelf too high for mortal men and women to reach. She is a lover of painting portraits, stories (bonus if they're horror), archery, the mountain where she lives,  and shaking her head at Blake when he breaks rules just because they're there.

Email: | Discord: Juliann Van Wormer#8384

I've been doing VO since May of 2016, I was inspired by the D&D show, Critical Role and all of it's cast members. I'm an avid player of video games and I hope to hear my own voices in the games I love one day. 


Hey there, my name's Noëlle McHenry. I'm an independent author born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but I do voice acting on the side. When I was little, I was certain that acting would be my passion. It still is, but now I prefer to write content so I can give other aspiring voice actors roles. I've been doing voice work for free since early 2015, and have since been in an array of projects, including an abridged series, a few visual novels, and comic dubs.

Email: | Discord: Noëlle McHenry#8310

I'm Paul Hikari. I voice act mostly in YouTube animations and indie games and am currently working on an independent web movie series called Voices. The Kickstarter campaign will go live soon!

Email: | Skype: h0m3st4r1594

Paul is a voice actor currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. He joined a youth theater club at a young age and has been hooked ever since. He recently decided to pick up the microphone and has been lucky enough to work on several projects, from animations to video game mods. When he's not trying to sound American over the internet, he enjoys playing games and watching TV.


Hi, I'm Sim Meavorn, an English voice actor based just outside of Glasgow. I started out voice acting as a laugh (fed up with working 9-5). Now 2 years later, I'm a voice actor in audio dramas, audio books, games and machinima. My main projects are "The Sedisverse" and the audio novels by Phillip Blood. I recently completed my first ever animation based on "The Sedisverse - Tales of the Grim" called "Reflections."

Email: | Discord: Sim Meavorn#2332

My name is Tyler Fultz, known on the web as "Sarge Ray."  I'm a Nebraska resident who enjoys movies, video games, writing, and voice acting (obviously). Been interested in voiceover since I graduated High School, and have done voice work for well-known internet faces like JoshScorcher, Drake "JoJo" Vagabond, The Let's Dub Project, and Zelda Universe.

Email: | Skype: sargeray

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Taylor Rickets (Mary Jane Simmons, Episodes 1-4); Jared Wedd (Lewis, Episodes 1-4); Kalina Chambers (Billy, Episode 4); Naomi Fielding (Narrator, Episode 1); Cedric Houle (Narrator, Episode 2); Kathy Barnes, Dave Van Wormer and Mark Smith for taking the time to beta read the work (your insights are truly motivating and beyond valuable); Lane Davidson for your YouTube skillz; Tracy, Austin and Hunter for your constant support and for putting up with three years of willful insanity and ceaseless BS. We love you! 

Also thank you to GRISTLE BOY, who let us use their song Darkness in the series finale. This song has become the anthem of Dead Earth, and we plan to use it copiously in the series reboot. For more incredible music by GRISTLE BOY, visit their website at