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Most people familiar with the American Civil War know the headlines: the war to end slavery, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant; Gettysburg.  In the wake of these legends, the smaller and more human stories are often lost and forgotten.


Undertold: Stories of the American Civil War takes a deep dive into people and topics pulled from newspaper articles of the era and evaluates the stories through a modern lens. Topics range from women serving in the army to lost literary geniuses, from female spies to post-traumatic stress disorder, to the role played by Irish immigrants to the struggle and persecution of both escaped slaves and slaves freed by the Emancipation Proclimation.  

The stories in Undertold are presented with a mixture of commentary and speculative fiction, with primary source materials voiced by some of the most talented voice actors in the field today. 

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Show Notes


Cast and crew listed in alphabetical order. 


Brett Balfour

Abraham Lincoln

As a voice and stage actor, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects worldwide in over 20 countries. It’s been wonderful so far, and I’m looking forward to see what experiences are to come! 

Carolyn Potts

Frances E.W. Harper, Mary Bell

My voice has been described as versatile! I'm your quintessential trusted Mom, neighbor, doctor; whacky-voice characters for animation or your evil female villain. Experienced with conversational, engaging, and natural reads, also ideal for e-learning and narration.

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Charlie Wilson

Corporal Nelson Purdum, Sergeant, Donalson

Charlie Wilson is a veteran actor and voice actor living in New York City. His voice can be heard in numerous commercials, industrials, as well as games and animation. Charlie is thrilled to be part of this Civil War series.

Clay Thompson

 Irish-American Soldier

Clay Thompson is a voice actor currently based in Houston, Texas. His voice has been compared to radio shows and newscasters such as Dan Rather and Lester Holt. In 2017, he graduated from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with a BFA in Communications. In high school, he was in two musicals and two dinner side theaters and played a variety of characters. In his most recent work, he has had narration roles in two fanmade projects; a novelization of the video game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, and a novel reimagining of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s “The Phantom of the Opera”. The directors for these respective projects have noted Clay’s ability to portray a wide range of characters, a great conveyance of tone, and punctuality and dedication for his roles. He was also known in his hometown church to be a lecturer, reading the verses of the Bible for the entire parish.


Coley Brookshire

Producer, Host

A Story Stallion (trademark Katie Healy) hailing from parts unknown, Blake Cole is a mystery born into the loving arms of an enigma who, at a young age, was stored inside a box marked only with a single question mark and placed on a shelf too high for mortal men and women to reach. He is a lover of life, real football and fake-football, and has the sometimes charming habit of breaking a rule just because it's there.

David Cook

Frederick Douglass, Jourdan Anderson

David Cook is a Jazz vocalist who has begun a career in what he sees as the natural progression in the use of his voice as a Voice over Actor, David is excited to embark on this new phase of his vocal journey and is honored to be apart of this wonderful project.

Elise Bear

Young Lady, Emily

Hi! I’m a theatre major from Oklahoma working on minors in directing and digital film & media. I’ve been acting since 2015 and I’m still new to voice acting as this is officially my first role as a voice actor. I'm super excited about being able to work on this project!


Juliann Van Wormer

Producer, Host, Audio Engineer

Plot Princess (trademark Blake Cole) hailing from Upstate New York, currently residing in Chattanooga, TN via Phoenix, AZ, Juliann Van Wormer could not get Blake Cole to write her biography for her, and so she is lovingly parodying his. She is less mystery and enigma and enigma and more "cry at Country Time commercials," and by that right, probably should be stored inside a box marked with a question mark and placed on a shelf too high for mortal men and women to reach. She is a lover of painting portraits and writing stories (bonus if they're horror), archery, the mountain where she lives, and shaking her head at Blake when he breaks rules just because they're there.

Email: |   Discord: Juliann Van Wormer#8384


Marcus Salley

Spottswood Rice, J. Stanley, Fifer

Marcus Salley is a Virginia based Voice and Stage actor, director, podcaster and playwright. He has been featured in a variety of roles on the stage which include: Macbeth in Macbeth, Harold in Orphans, Sam in Master Harold…and the boys and Falstaff in King Henry IV Part 1. His voice over credits include: Lt. Connor Dannard in Continuum Force, Mephisto in Infinity Gauntlet Webcomic and narrated the book Growth Perspective. He has been enjoying the transition into voice acting and looks forward to the day his voice is heard on a popular anime!

Peg Knudtson

Belle Boyd

Peggy has worn many different hats during her lifetime, encompassing everything from non-profit work to substitute teaching to co-hosting a podcast. Adding voice acting to that list, she continues to expand her horizons to further her creative pursuits.

Riley Maness

Traveler, Narrator

Riley is an aspiring voice actor from Georgia. Amidst photography, college and life in general, he first picked up a microphone in March of 2020 and started using his voice. 

Email: | Twitter: @Maness_VA

Shondar Bear 

Female Narrator

Hi! My name is Shondar Bear and I am on my way to becoming a professional VO artist. Currently, I live in Las Vegas! VO is something I have wanted to do ever since I was a freshman in college studying Theater. MUCH time has passed since then and I have a long career in the QSR industry and I have FINALLY decided to follow my dreams! So sit back, relax and enjoy the listen.

Tanier Dutton

Jacob L. Bowman

Tanier Dutton knew he was destined for greatness when his father confessed to having named him after a bartender on Days of Our Lives. Tanier is now a Birmingham based actor with a BA in English and Theater from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has appeared in several theater productions, including Sandy Tyrell in Hay Fever, Algernon Moncrieff in The Importance of Being Earnest, Theseus in A Midsummer Night's Dream and others. He is also a castmate of the murder-mystery dinner theater show The Dinner Detective. Outside of performing, Tanier has worked as a dramaturg, carpenter, and writer. He has had one poem published and one play performed.

Wayne LeGette 

Captains Williams, Carpenter, and Unnamed Captain from Little Eddie the Drummer Boy

Wayne LeGette has been involved in dubbing and voice overs for over 20 years. In addition to many TV/Radio Commercials, he has voiced leading roles in hundreds of Telenovelas, cartoons, and foreign films, including The Ark which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. He’s recorded for Macias Group, The Kitchen, Universal Cinergia, Chrome Studios, RMP, Centauro, and many others. Wayne has also been a professional actor for 33 years. He is multi-award winning stage actor, and has appeared in many film and TV projects, including the recent feature film Omniboat which premiered at Sundance in 2020.

Email:   |   Website:

Zach Zerambo

Joe Parsons, Sullivan Balliou

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To Molly Dennison for her musical prowess and "settling old scores"; to the Brookshire and Blake clans for putting up with years of willful insanity and ceaseless BS; to Lane Davidson for the book that started it all. We love you! 

Special Thanks